Three and a Half Folk Songs 


The world is already a mess that no-one seems to care to clean up. There is a bizarre reckless bravado at work in governments and business that seem to be determined to prove that untruth and coercion can outwit the fast approaching end of the human race. 

So...I wrote some songs to remind me of the strange new lockdown times - not just the weirdness of the isolation but also the poor excuses for leaders that seem to tread a fine line between conspiracy and incompetence. 

They were recorded at home using an old laptop, a Scarlett 2i2 interface, a variety of inexpensive mics, and 4 acoustic guitars in various tunings and state of repair. If you listen closely you can also hear some uke - and with less focused attention the odd burst of harmonica - as well as the odd ambient background sound to remind you and me that we are all real.

You can hear them at my Bandcamp page (and on Soundcloud, if that's your thing!) and I've included the track 'Drones' as a free download with this post.

The EP should be up on all the various digital distribution networks soon and I'll update you all here when that happens!

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