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I've added a 'lyrics' section to the menu - currently just includes the two most recent tunes but I'll add new and old as I go along :)

The Politician's Life

I have a new tune out - 'The Politician's Life'  - you can stream it etc on all the digital distribution networks, and it's also available from the blessed Bandcamp...

I don't usually offer…

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Not The Answer

New tune on the video page - 'Not The Answer' - you can hear the recorded version over on SC and there will be further official release details coming soon.

New videos

Just updated the videos section and added a link to my terrible YouTube channel - feel free to subscribe as I'll be adding various demos and acoustic stuff as and when I can. Hopefully I'll also have some guitar blog…

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Fairground Abstraction (live version)

Added another video (via my YouTube channel) - this time it’s a live version of Fairground Abstraction’ - one of the tracks off the new LP. It’s in an open G tuning and I’m playing it on my much refurbished…

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Seaside Hipster Nightmare - new album

My new LP is up on Bandcamp and Soundcloud - take a listen, give us a follow :)

'Seaside Hipster Nightmare'

Some lo-fi acoustic folky-song-poems written and recorded July - September 2020. 

Guitars in various tunings, some harmonica and melodica…

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Three and a Half Folk Songs 


The world is already a mess that no-one seems to care to clean up. There is a bizarre reckless bravado at work in governments and business that seem to be determined to prove that untruth and coercion can…

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New Songs

I have been making use of this weird pause in life to write and record some new solo tunes - it's the first time I've been without the company of my fine musical friends for quite some years, so there…

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