The Future (at all costs)

You must deliver us victories 

Meaningful blood sacrifice 

The New Book speaks of speed and action 

Technology shouts out 

Death and glory! 

Burnt alive by the triumph 

Of the will of man over nature 

Dressed in the garb of soldier boys 

Dressed up like men from Mars 

                He ploughed through the crowd 

                At one hundred and thirty five 

                Mother and child watched 

                And then died 

                That day we all said goodbye to innocence 

                And common sense 

Out of the sky they came to collect you 

But it was too late 

Betwixt the roadside and a tree 

On a long left hand 

You were too loose 

And got fried 

And by the time you said goodnight 

It was all over 

Bar the shooting 


                Like gladiators 

                On the edge 

                Of dried up radiators 

                On the edge of your seat 

                On the cusp of a 




Your futile death 

Will be to the delight 

Of the future upright and forthright fools 

Who will school you in history 

And the mordant wit of true suffering.

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