Just Like Omar Bradley

Incandescent and defective 

And bloody round the eyes 

Milford Sound is underground 

In this big picture lie 

Red in green-screen tooth and claw 

Now turn it to eleven 

Love the skin you live in 

It’s the only one you’re given 

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Not The Answer

Well I get another message from a 123 

Come along and join me in my repartee 

Together we can weather all this misery 

And keep me sitting like a freak on the top of the tree 

It’s a kind invitation…

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The Politician's Life

They pour the oil of human blandness 

On a world they see as flat 

They hand out sticks of anodyne 

Be satisfied with that 

They slice the fat in private 

With a long serrated knife 

And feast upon the losers 

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