The Plastic Men - part 3

[across the sky passes the shadow 

daughters’ alter ego 

The sun 

Long forgotten 

Still yearns to be a 


I’m impressed by these fine tales 

Of woe 

And so forth 

Delightful modulation 

And characterisation 

(is that the right word?) 

But can I just say 

Our boss doesn’t 

Pay us to invest trust 

In strangers 

For we are not close friends 

And to this end 

I will regale you with a 

Parable (yes, you heard me right) 

That concerns 

3 brothers who were sent to war 

By some General of high repute 

Who scooped up souls 

Like jelly beans 

And flung them in the fire 

[which war? 

Which general? 

I have known a few] 

[it matters not 

You’d know his face 

His names escape me 

Unlike his soul 

He had a moustache as I recall] 


The eldest brother 

Strong and bold 

Rolled across a foreign swamp 

Big shot 

Died within a week 

The youngest 

Otherwise deployed 

Heard this and 

Fell upon his bayonet 

And was gone 




The middle brother 

Died in his bed 

An old man 

Who lived a good life 

The average guy grown from 

Thon average boy 



Mindful to let others have their place 

For elevated folk can more easily catch 

A bullet in the face

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