Heroes (Mostly Villains) - part 1

Two witnesses to revelation 

Selling a particular god 

Or some portion thereof 

Stood atop a bleak and 

Charmless bridge 

Sighing as the passers by 

Look away 


To the mis-matched mashup 

Of new buildings 

High-rise adventure 

Overlooking a purpose built ghetto 

Rogues’ galleries 

Attendant flags 

-           Where might this god be? 

In reply you get nothing 

Their father’s house is 

It seems 


Battered by the rational 

And unnatural 

Prince and princess in the Tower 

Flooded out by 

Lightning strikes 

Spinning star 

High rise jennys 

Cogs within dark wheels 

And sulphurous chains 

Upon the battered workers 

Gentle skin 

-           Where is this god? 

-           When shall he/she return? 

Market stalls 

Bloodied vendors 

Branded java 

Cold slabs of dead eyes 

Fix their stare upon 

Lava streams of human dreams 

That falter at the finish line 

As endless repetition kills 

The shady long forgotten promise 

Of dignity 

And love

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