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...has been neglected of late, although the only actual events I've missed out are the WSOW 2018 (in the Sunflower - there's a couple of pics in the gallery) and the hilarious LoFi one night only Battle of the Bands malarkey, which gave us a chance to flex our electric muscles in public (yes, sounds wrong, I know) before we move onto writing new electric tunes that aren't all just revamped back catalog.


Amity Pax had to cancel the only gig we actually had this year for personal reasons, but myself and Andrew are writing and demo making, and hopefully getting a new set together for 2019.


Life, as someone once observed, sometimes gets in the way of art, but not forever! I'll be revamping this place when I get chance and attempting to use it properly instead of falling back on the farce of social media, so I'll see you all soon! 



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