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Acoustic Amps


For a long time I assumed amps were for electric and that acoustic was thru the PA...I suppose there might be something in that but the realities of gigging are that dragging along a PA for an acoustic gig is sometimes just overkill and that PA direct can kill the sound of your electro-acoustic...


The second of those issues is helped by improving your input signal (say with a pre-amp - more on that another day) but the simplest solution is to arm yourself with a suitable acoustic backline!



This is what we use for Amity Pax gigging and 'live practice' (yeah, you should practice playing live!) - Fishman LoudBox Mini and a Marshall AS50D. Neither is hugely expensive, both have a good sound and can have dedicated instrument and vocal channels. They also have a DI out and reverb/chorus. The Marshall has a few more features (phantom power for a condenser mic and a notch filter/feedback suppressor) and more speakers but the Fishman is a quality and potent 60w amp in a very small box!



It's a pretty simple set-up and loud enough to play to 50-60 people without any problem.