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New Amity Pax EP - Two Four Eight


Very excited to announce the release of our new 8 song EP 'Two Four Eight' - it's currently available as a download from Bandcamp, CDBaby, iTunes etc and you can hear it on Spotify...!


There will be a CD version coming soon, and plenty of other places to hear us - in the meantime, listen up...!




Amity Pax update...


Got some new tunes coming out very soon - more info and previews in the next week or so...!




Haven't updated things for a while - but not because I haven't been busy, in fact that's been the reason why the internet and its distractions have been down the list of priorities just recently!


However - plenty of good stuff to come this year - couple of top gigs to look forward to, some new Amity Pax tunes in the can and ready to go in the nest few weeks, Lo-Fi recording to come...plus other stuff I can't tell you about right now!


Back soon with more...promise!


Lo-Fi news


As part of our ongoing process of finally releasing our tunes properly etc, Alan and I have put our 2014 EP onto iTunes and Spotify (and all the other digital platforms). This EP used to be called Live 2014, but you can't call it live (apparently) unless it's recorded in front of an audience...so after some very brief deliberation it's renamed 'The Long Invited Vicarious Earache' - catchy huh? (see what we did there?)

Anyhoo, it's a fine collection of lofi folk rocking punk tunes, all lovingly put on virtual tape by the genius that is Andrew Gawn...so enjoy!




Lo-Fi live footage #2



Lo-Fi live footage


From the Sunflower gig - thanks to Maria for this...



Sunflower 8 October 2016


Here's a rather stylish compilation of the evening by Maria Mitchell


We Shall Overcome 2016 - part 2


A wonderful night of music at the Sunflower Pub on Saturday night, with great performances by Gavin Ferris, Sonja Sleator and Daniel Lynch, Ciaran McElhinney, Una Clarkin, and a drunken Lo-Fi Fun Factory!

The evening raised 450 quid for Women's Aid ABCLN - and was packed out all night!

Sound was engineered by my good friend Andrew Gawn, and photos and videos were conjured up by Maria Mitchell.

Thanks everyone - I'll post some visual evidence of the evening some time soon...




We Shall Overcome 2016


All set for We Shall Overcome 2016 - the Lo-Fi Acoustic Workshop is in full flow to bring you the Belfast gig for this UK/Ireland/worldwide event. This year we are joined by some great acts, with a a few new faces, and we are once again collecting money for Women's Aid





Amity Pax





Lo-Fi drummer James has now got himself a groovy (Northern Ireland made!) Cajon, complete with bass pedal and what have you...to be heard live this Wednesday in the Belfast Empire!


Groovy as f*ck...



CD now available


The CD version of the new Lo-Fi Fun Factory EP is now available - you can order via Bandcamp or CDBaby




2016 - Future Sound Of Retro EP


Here's the new Lo-Fi Fun Factory EP - and jolly splendid it is too! There is a CD version available as well as download - more on this later when it's ready to order!




New tunes


Coming soon....


Lo-Fi Fun Factory


So, we had a play in the Tom Robinson BBC6 Mixtape with 'Crazies'



And we have a new part-time drummer called James, who will be joining us for a gig on the 19 Feb (Sunflower Pub, Belfast)  - we've had a few fun rehearsals, and hopefully this will go along with Alan and myself doing our acoustic lofi thing...in fact, the two of us will be playing the Empire 10 Feb, hopefully showing off some new songs...


New Music page


I've added a page to upload any new tunes/demos/things you may like to hear - both Lo-Fi and Amity Pax material. You won't be hearing these versions anywhere else, so enjoy!



New Amity Pax EP


Some new tunes recorded at Top Floor HQ for the soulful delight of all you satirical anti-folkers and poetic fans of truth and beauty and real voices...and all that kind of thing...


Amity Pax update


The new AP tunes are pretty much finished and sound quite feckin' tasty...stay tuned!


New EP


New Lo-Fi Fun Factory EP is out now via Bandcamp - basic tracks recorded by yours truly on a cheap8track, and finished at Top Floor HQ on me laptop via a Scarlett 2i2







We Shall Overcome...


The gig I organised as part of the We Shall Overcome Weekend took place on the 3 October in the Sunflower Bar in Belfast - it was a great night, with some top talent playing (and Lo-Fi Fun Factory!), and 210 quid raised for the Women's Aid 'Make It Better' project.



Busy times recording and organising...


Right now there are some top Amity Pax tunes which need some further edits/mixing - Andrew and myself are pretty happy with some of the new songs - and we have some new ones being written/rehearsed as well!


Also been at some typically ad hoc and slightly chaotic Lo-Fi recording - some of it has turned out surprisingly well - might be ready for a couple of gigs planned late Sept/early October...


The Folks Underground


I recently re-visited and re-ordered the 2008 release 'The Folks Underground', which was initially an EP of 4 songs, plus some added tracks  and out-takes, that grew into an album. The original EP, plus related songs, has now been re-released (with some alternate versions) without the songs that, to be honest, should never have been included in the first place!




New Amity Pax recordings...


Andrew and myself have been working away at writing and recording some new tunes - more on this later...


Inside Outside


I'm slowly in the process of gathering all my previous tunes on Bandcamp - some have required a little re-mastering etc, but this one seems fine as it is!




Friendship, peace, and lo-fi love


I'm fortunate to have some very fine musical friends and collaborators - it serves as a reminder that co-operation and tolerance are beautiful notions that should be celebrated. If only some of the political cadres and cabals would see such sense.


Ukulele news!


The guitar may be the primary weapon of choice, but I do love the sweetness and resonance of a proper sounding uke - I can't pretend to be the greatest exponent (you can hear some of my playing on this album http://dantindall.bandcamp.com/album/pocket-full-of-changes) but I have got better, and now own a couple of nice instruments that actually stay in tune...!


The uke has a slightly comic rep of course, especially in the UK, but the work of Eddie Vedder (and others) have made it an 'alternative' fave, and made many people very happy to hear they can easily play a couple of chords, and a song or two! A very punk piece of kit, and no mistake!


Hope to make further use of my new electro Kala uke in the near future, so stay tuned...


Free track !


Get yourself a free Amity Pax out-take from our Soundcloud site...




New Wordpress site


Finally got round to adding some info to the Amity Pax Wordpress site - nothing too exciting as yet, but up and running!




Amity Pax news....


It's been a busy start to 2015 for myself and Andrew - the release of our debut EP 'Top Floor Recordings #1',  3 top local gigs in February (including a first time unplugged at Lindores Coffee House), and being included in the Tom Robinson Introducing mixtape on BBC6...and then getting a live spin on his Saturday night show!

We're currently working on some new tunes to complement the set we've been honing to date...more on this soon...